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the laughing pug

I’d love to regale with tales of the laughing pugs heroics, danger and intrigue but the reality is, there isn’t one. Really it all just started with a conversation between two blokes over a few coldies about a quality coffee and the challenge from one to another to produce something better. There you have it, the story of “The Laughing Pug”. Striving to rid the world of bad coffee, one brew at a time.

Cheers for your visiting our page. We really dig our coffee and are confident that you'll be into it as much as we are after trying it.

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About Our Coffee

the low-down on de dingle-berries

Rest assured, our run of the mill blend is of the highest quality, sourced out of PNG and only from premium small holders. The coffee is grown without using any chemicals, hand picked, often shade grown and /or with mixed crops. From there, the coffee is centrally processed and graded using the wet process (washed) then sun dried on patios. This initiative is quality focused and produces outstanding results for the farmers and ultimately the best cup of java this side of anywhere for the consumers (you)

Blending & Packaging

roast coffee

Blend, brand and package just for you. (We’re kinda good like that)

Tired of being supplied with or having shite coffee forced on you by complete muppets??? Then let us brew up something just for you. We can emblazon with your very own, totally yours, nobody else’s but like really your (no, I’m not pulling your leg) very own company logo and spiel or even design something pretty far out and freaky for ya. As if that isn’t enough, we could always even boil up (for those really fighting for the cause), your very own special blend and then package in any shape, form or size that tickles your fancy.

Come talk to us…… we don’t bite and may even surprise you. 😉

The goss straight from the proverbial...


  • Am Loving the medium roast Coffee Drip Bags right now! the pouring process is so relaxing, and the flavour is fruity and chocolatey... I have tried many, and this is the best !
  • Seriously the BEST filter coffee ever!
    Retail outlet owner
  • Met the guys at the Palmy Sat Market...Tried their coffee and loved it. Looking forward to trying the decaf next week. Always good to see people making their passions turning into a job. Recommend the coffee one hundred per cent

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